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Unlocking the Secrets to Booking Your Dream Adventure with Robinson Crusoe Holidays Pvt. Ltd

Robinson Crusoe Holidays Pvt. Ltd is your gateway to thrilling adventures in Nepal, but before you embark on your journey, it’s crucial to understand the conditions that govern your booking and travel experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the essential aspects of booking with us, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable adventure.

01: The Booking Agreement

Once you’ve completed your payment for your expedition, you’ll receive a written confirmation from either the tour operator or your travel agent. Take the time to meticulously review this confirmation to ensure accuracy and completeness. In case you spot any errors or omissions, promptly notify us. It’s vital that the names on your booking match the details in your passport precisely.

02: Travel Insurance – Your Safety Net

For your peace of mind, securing comprehensive travel insurance is a non-negotiable requirement. This insurance should cover medical expenses, natural disasters, helicopter evacuations, personal injuries, trip cancellations, and other potential risks. We strongly advise all our esteemed customers to prioritize this safeguard. Please remember that in Nepal, you’ll need to pay for emergency evacuation in cash unless your insurance provider has confirmed coverage.

03: Adapting to Changing Plans

Flexibility is key when you’re exploring the great outdoors. Any modifications to your trek or tour itinerary should be communicated well in advance. We encourage you to stay in touch with us throughout your journey, especially in unpredictable situations like inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

04: Personal Belongings Responsibility

Whether your belongings are carried by porters, horses, or vehicles, it’s essential to understand that we are not liable for any loss or damage to your luggage or personal items. You are responsible for safeguarding your possessions at all times.

05: Essential Documents and Paperwork

To facilitate the issuance of visas, permits, and other necessary documents, it’s imperative that you provide all required paperwork in a timely manner. Failure to do so or any delays in trip formalities may affect your travel plans, and we cannot be held responsible for such instances.

06: Additional Charges for Solo Travelers

Our trekking and tour packages include accommodations for two people sharing a room or tent. If you prefer not to share with other tour participants, a single-room supplement will apply.

07: Payment Procedures

We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if the remaining balance isn’t settled by the due date, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Upon receipt of your deposit (a predetermined percentage of the program’s cost), your reservation will be confirmed, provided we can do so. The outstanding amount must be settled before the tour’s departure.

08: Instant Payment

Per our company policy, a 20% advance payment is necessary to secure your spot.

09: Payment Methods

We accept various payment methods, including wire transfers, Visa or Mastercard, Western Union, cash, traveler’s checks, and various currencies, including Hong Kong dollars, Australian dollars, and Singapore dollars.

10: Credit Card Payments

In Nepal, Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted, making them our preferred credit cards. While other cards like American Express and JCB are less common, they are still usable. Please verify card acceptance with us before making any payments. It’s important to note that when paying with credit cards in Nepal, you’ll be responsible for bank fees, typically around 4%.

11: Cancellation in Urgent Situations

In the unfortunate event of a last-minute cancellation due to an emergency, the initial deposit will not be refunded. However, if you notify us via email at least seven days before the trip’s start, provide valid documentation, and state the reason for your cancellation, we’ll retain your deposit after deducting 20%. You can use the remaining 80% to book another tour, subject to any additional costs associated with your chosen trip.

12: Accommodation Requests

While we make every effort to accommodate your bed type and smoking preferences, we cannot guarantee specific requests in your hotel room.

13: Guide and Tour Leader Authority

Our tours are led by experienced tour leaders or local ground operators representing Across the Himalayas. By signing our booking form, you agree to their authority. Engaging in illegal activities during our tours or exhibiting behavior deemed detrimental to the group’s safety may result in your removal from the tour without a refund.

14: Contact and Location

Our website provides accurate information about our tours and expeditions at the time of publication. Any changes will be promptly communicated to you.

15: Embracing Our Terms and Conditions

By continuing with your reservation or booking, you signify your agreement to all the terms and conditions, including those detailed in the Customer Agreement.

Contract with the Client:

1. The Terms and Conditions: LIMITATIONS

This website is available for both personal and business use, provided you adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement. You must not engage in any illegal activities or actions contrary to the terms of this agreement when using this website. Specifically, selling, modifying, copying, distributing, transmitting, publishing, displaying, licensing, creating derivative works, or selling any software, information, products, or services obtained from this website is strictly prohibited.

2. Your Assurances

You confirm that you are at least 18 years old and legally authorized to enter into this agreement and use this website according to its terms. You are responsible for all costs associated with your use of this website, and you guarantee the accuracy of the information you provide on this platform.

3. Contact Information

Receiving reservation details and a comprehensive service explanation from Robinson Crusoe Holidays Private Limited confirms the establishment of a contract.

4. Communications

We communicate via email and/or fax based on your preferences. You agree that any legal requirements for written communications are fulfilled when we send notices, disclosures, agreements, or other communications to you electronically or by fax.

Embark on your adventure with Robinson Crusoe Holidays Pvt. Ltd, where your safety, satisfaction, and unforgettable experiences are our top priorities. Our extensive range of trips and personalized services ensure that your journey through Nepal will be nothing short of extraordinary. Plan your next adventure with us and let us make your travel dreams come true.


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