The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a renowned trekking route in Nepal that encircles Mount Manaslu, which stands tall at 8,163 meters and is the eighth-highest peak in the world. The trek is popular due to its scenic beauty, challenging terrain, and cultural diversity. To make the trek the best and most informative; having a Manaslu Circuit Trek Map plays an important role. It takes you through remote villages, high mountain passes, and dense forests, offering a unique experience for trekkers.

As the Manaslu Circuit Trek is not well-marked, it can be challenging to navigate. Therefore, using a map is essential to avoid getting lost and ensure that you stay on track. A good map will provide crucial information on the trekking route, including altitude, distances, and landmarks, which will help you navigate the trail more efficiently and safely.

There are several maps available for the Manaslu Circuit Trek, including the Nepal Trekking Maps by Himalayan Map House, the Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek Map by Nepal Map House, and the Manaslu Circuit and Annapurna Trek Map by National Geographic. These maps offer detailed information about the trekking routes and landmarks and are printed on durable and waterproof paper.

It is important to have some basic navigation skills and to exercise caution while trekking in remote areas. Hiring a local guide or porter who is familiar with the area is recommended for a safe and enjoyable trekking experience. A local guide can provide valuable information about the trekking route, culture, and traditions, and can help you navigate the trail with ease. Additionally, a porter can carry your belongings, allowing you to focus on the trek and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Navigating the Majestic Manaslu Circuit Trek with the Perfect Map

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a hidden gem in the Himalayas, offering adventurers a pristine and less crowded alternative to the more famous Annapurna and Everest treks. To embark on this breathtaking journey, having a reliable Manaslu Circuit trek map is essential. In this article, we’ll explore the various maps available and how they can be your guiding companion on this remarkable adventure.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Map: Your Trusted Guide

When it comes to trekking in remote regions like Manaslu, a good map is like having a seasoned guide by your side. It ensures you stay on the right path, avoid wrong turns, and make the most of your trekking experience. Let’s delve into the different types of maps available to help you conquer the Manaslu Circuit.

Manaslu Trek Map

The term “Manaslu Trek Map” typically refers to a detailed map that covers the entire Manaslu region. This map provides an overview of the trekking routes, villages, topographical features, and important landmarks along the way. Using a Manaslu trek map will help you plan your itinerary, estimate distances, and make informed decisions during your trek.

Manaslu Circuit Map

The Manaslu Circuit Map is a specialized map that focuses exclusively on the Manaslu Circuit trek. It offers a more detailed perspective of the trekking trail, including elevations, campsites, teahouses, and side trails. Using a Manaslu Circuit map is like having a magnifying glass for this specific trek, ensuring you never miss a captivating view or an essential rest stop.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Map

If you plan to explore the Tsum Valley as part of your Manaslu adventure, a Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Map is indispensable. This map highlights the unique route through the Tsum Valley, showcasing its distinct culture, monasteries, and landscapes. With this map, you’ll be well-prepared to explore the captivating Tsum Valley while staying on track with your trek.

Map of the Manaslu Circuit Trek

A “Map of the Manaslu Circuit Trek” is a general term that can refer to any map covering this trek. However, it’s essential to seek out maps specifically designed for trekking rather than relying on generic maps. These specialized maps are tailored to the needs of trekkers and contain valuable information for a safe and enjoyable journey.

Choosing the Right Map

When selecting your Manaslu Circuit trek map, consider factors like map quality, accuracy, and up-to-date information. Opt for maps from reputable sources or trekking guidebooks, as they are likely to provide the most reliable information. Additionally, digital maps and GPS devices can be useful for navigation but should not be your sole reliance, as technology can sometimes fail in remote areas.


Embarking on the Manaslu Circuit Trek is a thrilling adventure through the rugged beauty of the Himalayas. To ensure a successful journey, make sure to equip yourself with the right maps, including a Manaslu Circuit Trek Map, Manaslu Trek Map, and Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Map. These maps will be your trusted companions, guiding you through the mesmerizing landscapes, charming villages, and challenging terrain of this remarkable trek. With the perfect map in hand, you’ll be well-prepared to conquer the Manaslu Circuit and create unforgettable memories along the way.

Brief Itinerary of Manaslu Circuit Trek:

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola (730 m) via Arughat (570 m)
Day 2: Trek from Soti Khola to Machhi Khola (890m).
Day 3: Trek from Machha Khola to Jagat (1350m.).
Day 4: Trek from Jagat to Deng (2095m).
Day 5: Trek from Deng to Namrung (2630m).
Day 6: Trek from Namrung to Shyala (3500m) via Lho Gaon (3200m).
Day 7: Trek from Shyala to Samagaun (3390m) via Pung-gyen Gumpa (4800m).
Day 8: Acclimatization day in Samagaun (3390m).
Day 9: Trek from Samagaun to Samdo (3690m.)
Day 10: Trek from Samdo to Dharmashala (4460m) via Larkey Bazaar.
Day 11: Trek from Dharamshala to Bimthang (3590m) via Larkya La Pass (5106m)
Day 12: Trek from Bimthang to Dharapani (1860m.)
Day 13: Trek from Dharapani to Jagat (1800m).
Day 14: Trek from Jagat to Beshisahar (760m).
Day 15: Drive from Beshisahar to Kathmandu (7/8 hours.)

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