Are you looking for the best B2B travel agency in Nepal? If yes then Robinson Crusoe Holidays Pvt. Ltd would be the best choice for you. Nepal is a developing country with great potential for flourishing tourism. A huge tourism market is waiting for the arrival of tourists. The people of Nepal also love to travel to different countries on tourist visas and spend a lot of money there.

B2B business is the best form of business. The exchange of services is done between bank to bank in this business form. In this B2B form, it will be easy to operate business activities. Our organization Robinson Crusoe Holidays Pvt. Ltd is always ready to work as a B2B travel agent here in Nepal. We have the experience of 10 years of experience trekking and touring. However, our organization Robinson was established in 2019 A.D. before COVID-19.

We used to offer special packages and fares for our B2B partners. Nepal is a famous destination for trekking, sightseeing to cultural sites, mountaineering, and different adventurous activities. According to the data, most of the tourists used to be here in Nepal for Moderate Tour and Cultural Tour. Then after that, only the tourists go trekking here. But now eventually the tourists are attracted to trekking activities and other adventurous activities.

Our organization is selling trekking packages for the Annapurna Region, Manaslu Region, Langtang Region, Everest Region, and many other regions. Also the cultural tour around the Kathmandu Valley and the combo tour around Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini. One of the best short and sweet packages that include all sightseeing, trekking, and adventure activities is a moderate tour. This moderate cultural tour is designed especially for visitors

What does Robinson Crusoe Holidays Pvt. Ltd. sell?

  •  Firstly, Tour Packages
  •  Trekking Packages
  •  Heli Tour
  •  Adventure packages (Rafting, paragliding, zipline, bungee jumping, ultra-light flight, sky diving, etc. all come under adventure packages).
  •  Pro-Poor Tourism Packages
  • Hiking
  •  Ticketing

The mentioned above are the mandatory services that Robinson Crusoe Holiday is serving. We have the best team to make our work successful. Each of the members is professional and has more experience in this field of more than 5 yrs. There are a lot of companies that are serving as travel agents but the best registered B2B travel agency in Nepal is the one and only Robinson Crusoe Holidays.

Why Robinson Crusoe Holidays?

  1. Robinson Crusoe Holidays is one of the best travel agencies in Nepal.
  2. Have a great history as well as the best experiences.
  3. Knows how to treat the guest.
  4. Only recommend the best services and focus on quality.
  5. Satisfaction of clients is the primary key.
  6. Robinson Crusoe Holidays organizes reasonably priced, reliable, eco-friendly, custom treks, cultural tours, historical visits, and natural & heritage tours.

Moreover, on Robinson Crusoe Holidays:

Organization Name: Robinson Crusoe Holidays
Reg. No: 229911/076/077
PAN No. 609667851
Address: Tourism Street, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Country: Nepal
Website URL:
Email: [email protected]
Telephone number: (+977)-01-5906080
Mobile No. 9841390387/9855051241
Fax: 00977-01-5906080
Establishment Date 2019 AD

Advantages of choosing Robinson Crusoe Holidays:

a. Expertise and Knowledge of the Industry:

B2B travel agencies have the extensive industry knowledge and focus on travel services. They are able to offer expert guidance, assist in the creation of intricate itineraries, and suggest travel packages that are tailored to the specific requirements of their customers.

b. Access to Special Packages and Deals:

B2B travel agencies have established partnerships with a variety of travel industry partners and suppliers. As a result, they can take advantage of special travel packages, deals, and discounts that other people might not be able to get.

c. Lower expenses:

By negotiating better rates and discounts on travel services like hotel reservations, airfare, and transportation, B2B travel agencies can help their clients save money. They can then pass these savings on to their customers, making travel more affordable and cost-effective.

d. Less time spent:

A trip can be difficult and time-consuming to plan. By taking care of all the travel arrangements and logistics, B2B travel agencies can save their clients time and allow them to concentrate on other aspects of their business.

e. Service to Customers:

B2B travel agencies place a high value on providing excellent customer service and work hard to ensure that their customers have a pleasant trip. From planning to post-travel follow-up, they are available to offer support and assistance throughout the entire travel process.

Overall, businesses in the travel industry may benefit from using a Nepal B2B travel agency for a number of reasons; especially if you choose Robinson Crusoe Holiday as your partner; including time and money savings, exclusive deals, expert advice, and support.