Why to travel Nepal? 

Why to travel Nepal?

There are lots of top destinations in the world to explore. Among them, Nepal is one of the best destinations to travel. There are many things that travelers can perform here in Nepal. As Nepal is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and multi ethnics country. Nepalese celebrate all the festivals of all religions and have harmony of the religions. There are many reasons why to travel to Nepal. 

Why to travel Nepal?

The cultural sites and the religious sites over here in Nepal are used to attract tourists. And according to the data, most tourists used to visit Nepal for Sightseeing purposes. Nepal is the best destination for trekking but following the data, Trekking is the second attraction that attracts the tourist most.  

Being the best destination for high-yield trekking trails, there is enormous potential for adventure tourism. For spiritual tours, adventure, and encountering culture Nepal is an ideal place. Also, there is a substantial number of trekking routes in Nepal. Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, and Langtang valley trek are the most developed trekking trails in Nepal.  

Among the 14 highest peaks in the world, the top 10 peaks lie in Nepal. The beautiful panoramic view of the Himalayas peak takes travelers to the peace of heaven. Having brilliant potential for tourism, Nepal has developed itself as the world’s tourism country.  

Mardi Himal Trek

The top reason to travel to Nepal

1. Safest destinations with cooperative and friendly people.

Nepal is one of the best and safest destinations for travelers. One can move alone and trek solo here in Nepal. There is no risk of anything at all. Tourists can feel free of anything while being here in Nepal. Similarly, the people in Nepal treat the tourist as a god. As we Nepali believe that tourists/someone who comes to their country/house are same as a god, we must take care of them. For solo female travelers also there are no worries to travel if they are well-known about the route.

2. Trekking in the lap of the Himalayas.

Trekking in high-yield regions is the major attraction of Nepal. Especially Nepal is known for the same reason. There are many destinations for trekking at the lap of the Himalayas. From the extremely difficult to easy trek, Nepal has been offering its services to the international market. Trekking on the Himalayas answers any type of questions. The pain and the pressure are lost after being close to the mountain. Thus, after traveling in Nepal one should not miss trekking over here.

3. Quality of Lodging, Fooding, and Transportation at the cheapest cost.

Compared to the other countries, Nepal is the cheapest one. The cost of lodging, food, and transportation is quite cheap than that of other nations. With a certain budget also tourists can experience a lot of things with quality. Nepal is the best destination to travel on a small budget then why not travel? You must take advantage of this.

4. Mixture of culture and geographical diversity

Nepal is a rich country in the sense of culture and geography. The culture of Nepal is fascinating to a lot of tourists. The unique culture here makes Nepal a unique country. More than 125 cast and ethnic groups, 123 linguistic groups, and more than 10 religious groups live in Nepal. Similarly, from 60m in height to the highest pick in the world is situated in Nepal. So, due to the variety of cultural and ecological diversity available in Nepal.

5. Home of the diverse flora and fauna.

Due to the variety of geographical diversity, a variety of flora and fauna are available in Nepal. In Terai and Himalayan regions due to climatic differences, different types of flora and fauna are found according to their own climate.  The animal and birds of Nepal are largely found within the forest. Most of the birds are viewed in the mountain area.

The foremost of the individuals are operating therein space by viewing the flora and fauna of Nepal. The necessary issue is that the flora of the land is the main enchanter to building our life simple and comfy. We have a tendency to plant a tree, and it grows tasty fruit, it executes our want of consumption.

6. Can experience adventurous activities

The adventure activities here in Nepal offer unique pleasure to the tourist. A lot of activities are been waiting for the tourist. They can experience adventurous activities like Rafting, Trekking, Mountaineering, Bungee, Paragliding, Sky Diving, and many more. Also can enjoy the unique and the best experiences in Nepal.

7. Rich in religious sites

Within the capital i.e. Kathmandu Valley, there are 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The richness of the culture in the different places is unique and extra to each other. After being in Nepal, Kathmandu one can experience and explore all the seven sites within a day or in a couple of days. Most tourists used to come for Sightseeing purposes, and a package of UNESCO Heritage Sites can be the best opinion.

8. Hub for architectural handicrafts and Artworks. 

Kathmandu Valley is rich in Art and Architectural handicrafts. Specially Bhaktapur and Lalitpur are famous for this. Local used to make them perfectly and sell them at the best prices. They follow the old method of art on stone, marvel, wood, and other subject to reflect their identity. Among these, all wood carving is the best in Nepal.

Things to think about before going to Nepal:


Travelers to Nepal require a visa. You can get a traveler visa on landing at the Tribhuvan Global Air terminal in Kathmandu or different landline intersections. You can also apply for a visa in advance of your trip at a Nepalese embassy or consulate in your home country.

The Best Time to Go:

When the weather is generally pleasant and clear, March through May and September through November are the best times to visit Nepal. These seasons are excellent for trekking and country exploration.

Mountaineering and trekking:

Nepal is known for its opportunities for mountaineering and trekking. The Annapurna Circuit, Langtang Valley, and Everest Base Camp are among the most popular areas for trekking. If you intend to participate in activities like trekking or mountaineering, make sure you are physically fit and well-prepared. For safety and navigation, hiring a local guide or porter is highly recommended.

Cultural Heritage:

Nepal has a rich social legacy with a few UNESCO World Legacy Locales. Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath Stupa (Monkey Temple), and Bhaktapur Durbar Square are just a few of the numerous ancient religious and palace structures that can be found in the Kathmandu Valley. Regard the neighborhood customs and customs while visiting these hallowed locales.

Security and Wellbeing:

It’s prudent to take a look at the most recent tourism warnings and observe security rules given by your administration before making a trip to Nepal. Having travel protection that covers clinical expenses is likewise suggested. If you intend to trek at higher elevations, check with your doctor about vaccinations and medications for diseases like malaria and altitude sickness.

Money and Convenience:

The authority cash of Nepal is the Nepalese Rupee (NPR). Having access to ATMs in major cities and carrying a mix of cash in small denominations is best. There are many places to stay in Nepal, from cheap guesthouses to expensive hotels. Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan are well-known tourist destinations with numerous lodging options.

Neighborhood Transportation:

In Nepal, nearby transportation choices incorporate cabs, transports, and carts. However, keep in mind that traffic can get backed up and that roads may not always be in the best condition. Inside flights are additionally accessible to arrive at famous traveler objections like Pokhara and Lukla (passage to the Everest locale).

Regard for Neighborhood Customs:

Nepalese culture is rich in tradition and diverse. Regarding nearby traditions and practices is significant. Dress unobtrusively, particularly while visiting strict destinations, and request authorization before taking photos of individuals or strict articles.

Before you go on a trip, keep in mind to check the most recent travel advice and information from reputable sources because the situation might change. Nepal is an enthralling location with a ton to offer, from stunning regular magnificence to a dynamic social encounter. Partake in your excursion!

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