Volunteering programs in Nepal

Looking for a novel experience in one of the foremost diverse countries in Asia? Then the volunteering programs in Nepal are going to be an ideal choice. Remarkable mountains, multicultural choice, and spirituality are just some aspects that set this country aside from the globe.

If you’re looking forward to a chance to mix your volunteer work with an adventurous and provoking travel trip, take a better observe Nepal and its volunteer projects. The variability of volunteer opportunities in Nepal together with different climate zones, beautiful landscapes, and cultural sites definitely give this country its edge. And it helps to make self-esteem.

Things to Know Before Volunteering Programs in Nepal

It is important for an international volunteer to know the culture, religion, and tradition of the country you’re volunteering in. This can help volunteers settle in and avoid misunderstandings within the country. These are some tips for your volunteer work in Nepal:

Nepal is legendary for its deep connection to religion and spirituality. It’s a rich culture that’s worth exploring. In Nepal, religion isn’t just a belief system but the heartbeat of the state.

Nepal’s over 80% population follows Hinduism.  However, Nepal is additionally the birthplace of Lord Buddha. And Buddhism is a vital religion there likewise being only around 12% of individuals follow Buddhism. When volunteering at one of all the programs in Nepal, ensure to follow these cultural and spiritual rules:
  1. Don’t touch someone’s head or point along with your feet at someone. Locals consider these gestures to be impolite.
  2.  Once you touch food or water along with your lips, it’s contaminated for everybody else. So try to not eat from someone’s plate or touch a bottle along with your lips if it’s not yours.

Why Volunteering programs in Nepal?

Nepal could be a vibrant country with plenty to supply, but there are many challenges too. With the world’s youngest education system, there’s still a protracted thanks to visiting to provide the youth with education. And that they deserve that.

There are many childcare opportunities where you’ll be able to make an excellent impact. Give the young ones of Nepal the eye and care they have to grow to be well-rounded adults.

Aside from several volunteer opportunities to support the area people, you’ll be able to also volunteer with animals in Nepal. The high number of street animals need all the assistance they will get!

Volunteers who are drawn to nature can join an agriculture program in Nepal or protect its unique ecosystem.

Is it Safe to Volunteer in Nepal?

There aren’t a lot of precautions once you volunteer in Nepal. You should, however, concentrate on the following:

  1. A common rumor about Nepal is that Marijuana is legal. It’s nothing quite a rumor!
  2. Don’t give money to beggars.
  3. Avoid having food on you around monkeys and in temples.
  4. Do not hike by yourself and confirm that you simply are well-equipped!
  5. If you’re reaching to go hiking, take care to induce essential information about helicopter rescue options.
Volunteering Program In Nepal
Barpak Village After The Earthquake of 2015

Who Can Volunteer in Nepal?

All volunteer projects abroad require different skills and abilities from their international volunteers. While you can find the specific requirements for each project on their program page on Volunteer World, here are some general requirements that apply to most volunteering programs in Nepal:

Volunteers need to be at least 18 years old for most of the volunteer projects. But some projects accept volunteers from the age of 16.

Volunteers should have an intermediate level of English. It is because some teaching or related projects require advanced English skills.

On the basis of the project, volunteers need to provide a criminal background check and a health declaration before volunteering.

Volunteers must require interpersonal skills and experience working with a wide range of people.

How can I volunteer in Nepal for free?

Volunteering in Nepal for free is not big deal. One can easily involve in the development work as a volunteer and in content writing. Not only that they can work in different Orphan Houses, Child Care houses, schools, and Different projects. Where you don’t have to invest your money but only your skills, experience, and knowledge. Volunteering in the field of your interest is important and it really matters.

Our organization Robinson Crusoe Holidays will manage the program for the people who are interested in volunteering.

Do I need a visa for the Volunteering programs in Nepal?

Volunteers should obtain Tourist Visa as Nepal does not have any provision for Volunteer Visa. Except for Indian Tourists, all foreigners must have a visa to enter the country. Visitors are allowed to stay on a tourist visa for up to a maximum of 150 days (five months). And at that period of time, they can work as volunteers.

What are the types of volunteering programs in Nepal?

First of all, consider the kind of volunteering work you wish to perform. Do volunteers like working with people? Does the volunteer enjoy taking care of children? Are you smitten by women’s rights? is functioning with animals where your heart lies? If interacting with local people members and practicing foreign language and skills are your passion. Then you’ll put projects that benefit people at the highest of your list. Many of the organizations in Moon Volunteer Vacations in the geographical area offer a holistic approach to development.

Working on a development project, it’s important to in-tune in mind that several are ongoing efforts to deal with large problems, and volunteers must be able to accept that their efforts are “a come by the bucket,” or rather, a leap forward along the event journey.


Agricultural work can be on a rural community farming or permaculture project. the most effective of those projects include local outreach— like demonstration farms and academic workshops in schools—that support a community-wide change in wondering agriculture.

Children and Youth

Volunteers might work with kids at an orphanage or nursery, tutor teens in English or math, or organize sports activities for at-risk youth. the foremost effective child care centers are people who provide a high-quality education that prepares the youngsters and youth for an economically viable future and engages alternatives to the temptations of medication and gangs.

Community Development

This broad category includes everything from installing solar panels at a health clinic or water catchment systems at a faculty and training firefighters in emergency response to supporting the administration of microcredit programs. For people who prefer a tangible sign of progress, projects within the area of construction—from installing a stronger stove to putting together a house—may be especially satisfying.

Volunteering Program In Nepal
Laprak Village Build by NGOs


Educational programs range from lending a hand at an elementary school to teaching English to adults so as to boost their job opportunities. Volunteers might provide vocational education or health and hygiene education through workshops, or tutor struggling students at an after-school program.


Environmental projects may have volunteers working in an office preparing educational materials, outside creating trails (or recycling, or discovering trash, or planting and tending flora), or in schools or neighborhood centers providing a community outreach. In a context where putting food on the table may be a more urgent need than the care of the environment for several families, volunteers should seek projects that combine community outreach and education with their efforts and know that their presence can help draw attention to a region which may are overlooked by the area people within the past.


Volunteering Program in Nepal
Health Campaign

While opportunities abound for specialized skills, from first-aid training to surgical procedures, you don’t necessarily have to be a medical professional to help in a community health clinic or public hospital. Volunteers are also able to help organize workshops, assist medical staff, provide translation skills, or raise awareness on issues like HIV/AIDS.

Women’s Empowerment

Volunteer opportunities that target women might include promoting associations of artisan weavers or supporting workshops on everything from civil rights to home finances. consistent with UN Women, “there may be a direct link between increased female labor participation and growth,” and UN agency studies demonstrate that girls are more likely than men to spend their income on food and education for their children, making investments in women a critical a part of development.

Nepal internship volunteer

We all know that Nepal may be a good place for Nepal internship volunteers. People that visit Nepal say that the people here are friendly to the tourists. Interning in Nepali offers you the chance to achieve global and hands-on work experience within the sectors of health, education, social services, and more.

There is plenty of labor to be exhausted establishing a well-developed and sustainable infrastructure in Nepal. Thus opening the door to a large range of opportunities.

We offer a spread of internships in Nepal. Especially opportunities are for college kids who wish to broaden their work experience in their specific field of study. Working abroad in an exceedingly developing country may be a challenge.

But it can make your internship all the more rewarding. you’ll develop new skills and observe other ways of working. On top of this, you may gain real-world experience and interact in a very meaningful cultural exchange.

We are careful to match your skills, knowledge, experience, and learning goals to the correct placement. In this way, you’ll learn and contribute in the only way.

We assist with the event of Nepali communities through a various range of projects. Our projects are generally aimed at children, youth, and women. Empowering these groups will create positive change in Nepal.

To reach this goal, we place interns in schools, women and/or child care centers, and monasteries. we run different projects in Nepal. Likewise school, a disability center, a women’s center, and an after-school child care center. Besides these projects, we provide internship placements in a very style of locations through local partner organizations across Nepal.

Our service for our guest

Our trips are fully supported and offer personalized service to our guests. If you’re interested to involve in these trips by your interest, time, and physical and mental preparation it’s fine.

Besides this, Hot Spring Trek, Trek near Kathmandu, Panchase Trek, Ghalegaun Trek, Chepang Hill Trek, Chisapani Nagarkot Trek, and Ghorepani Ghandruk Trek are available.

Similarly, Annapurna Circuit Trek – 14 Days, Annapurna Base Camp Trek – 14 Days, and many more are in Annapurna Region.

Other hands, Everest Base Camp Trek – 12 Days, and Everest Three Pass Trek – 17 Days are in Everest Region

In Langtang Region Holy Gosainkunda Trek – 6 Days, Langtang Valley Trek – 9 Days, Langtang Gosainkunda Chisapani Trek – 13 Days are available.

Manasalu Area Trek – 15 Days, Upper Mustang Trek – 14 Days, Nar Phu Valley Trek – 12 Days, Rara Lake Trek – 11 Days are in Restricted Region.

As well as Ganesh Himal, Kanchanjunga, Makalu Trek, and furthermore programs are organized by Robinson Crusoe Holidays.

Among the cultural programs; Honeymoon Tour Package – 10 Days, Nepal Pleasure Tour – 8 Days, Adventure Package Tour – 14 Days, Historical Nepal Tour – 10 Days, Spiritual tour Package – 12 Days, Kathmandu Unique tour – 5 Days, Historical Gorkha Village Tour 9 Days, Nepal India Cultural Tour – 10 Days, Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour – 12 Days.

If you are interested to plan your tour and trek yourself according to your interest we manage it. According to your time duration and schedule, please go to our Plan Trip or Customize Trip.

Therefore, Robinson Crusoe Holiday is always ready to provide excellent services for our guests. Based on our cultural motto “Matri Debo Bhaba, Pitrii Debo Bhaba, Atithi Debo Bhaba.” Mother as a God, Father as a God, and Guest as a God.

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