How to get a visit visa to Nepal?

How to get a visit visa to Nepal?

Why Nepal is the best tourist destination? Why Nepal has always been the top destination to travel to? What tourists used to love about Nepal? How to get a visit visa to Nepal? These are the major question among tourists. As Nepal is one of the major tourist destinations in the world. Every people from the world have the desire to travel to Nepal once in their life.  Specially, Nepal is known and famous after the name of Mt. Everest; the highest peak in the world.

There is only one International Airport in Nepal i.e. Tribhuvan International Airport. The tourist benefits from the On arrival visawhere tourists get a visit visa from the department of immigration at the International Airport of Kathmandu. This visa process is very simple and quick. But in the peak season, you may stay in the queue for your visa, which is the negative part of this process. One can get the visa before their arrival in Nepal also. That is through the Nepalese Diplomatic Missions. That depends upon the tourist to choice.

How to get a visit visa to Nepal?

There is one condition for the person who took the visit visa from the Nepalese Diplomatic Missions that they should travel to Nepal within 6 months. Days start counting from the arrival day to Nepal. Only for the tourist visa, there is an arrival visa; not for others. For the purpose of your visit, you should take a visa.

The government of Nepal has requested that nationals of the following countries obtain visas before arriving at their local diplomatic missions (Embassies/Consulates). 

      Name List 

  • Nigeria 
  • Ghana 
  • Zimbabwe 
  • Switzerland 
  • Cameroon 
  • Somalia 
  • Liberia 
  • Ethiopia
  • Iraq 
  • Palestine 
  • Afghanistan 
  • Syria 
  • Refugees with a passport 

If you do not have a visa before boarding the plane, please follow these easy steps for a Tourist Visa on Arrival (TIA) at the airport. 

  1. First Approach 

  • Finalize the “Arrival Card” 
  • Fill out the online “Tourist Visa” form (you can do this before you arrive by visiting the Department of Immigration’s official website; to do it after you arrive, use a kiosk machine at the airport). You will receive a submission receipt with a barcode if you fill it out on the website; print it off and bring it with you for fifteen days before losing its validity. If so, you will need to refill it. 


2. Next Approach

  • Pay at the bank the amount specified by your visa (15/30/90 Days). 
  • Obtain the invoice 

While there are various payment methods available (at the counter for collecting visa costs), we advise carrying some cash just to be cautious. 

At Entry Points, On Arrival Visa Fee 

15 days and $30 

50 USD for 30 days 

90 Days – USD 125 


Step Three 

  • Bring your online form, payment receipts, and passport to the immigration desk. 
  • Give your paperwork to the immigration officer so they can process your visa. Once satisfied, he or she issues you a visa. 


Fee for Visa Extension 

  • Tourist visa extensions are made for at least 15 days. (About two weeks), USD 45, plus USD 3 each day for extra days. 
  • If there is a delay, there will be a late fee of $5 per day for delays of less than 150 days (about 5 months). 

Free Visa (Visa for Free) 

The following groups of visa applicants are eligible for free visa issuance: 

  • Children under 10 except for US citizens 
  • For SAARC citizens (except Afghans) visiting Nepal for the first time under a certain visa year, up to 30 days are permitted. Afghan citizens can only receive a free visa upon arrival if the Department of Immigration recommends it. If you are an Afghan national, you can ask the relevant institution to invite you to Nepal so that you can complete the necessary documentation with the Department of Immigration and receive a free visa “on arrival.” 
  • Nepalese who does not live their Holder of an (NRN) card, granted by the MoFA or by Nepalese diplomatic missions abroad 
  • Chinese citizens 


Based on the reciprocal visa waiver agreement, government representatives from China, Brazil, Russia, and Thailand do not require entry visas. 

All types of visas, including “Gratis” visas given at the airport, are considered tourist visas. To extend your visa or change the type of your visa, contact the Department of Immigration. Extending a tourist visa is also possible at the immigration office in Pokhara. If eligible, only the Department of Immigration can extend non-tourist visas for a maximum of one year (except business visas). 

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