Nepal Photography Tour

There are only a few places on earth to capture the best photo, and one of them. Nepal is a breathtaking country, offering a rich canvas where you can develop your passion for photography. And Nepal Photography Tour has become the most demanding tour package for the tourist.

Nepal is a Photographic country with numerous historical monuments, cultural and religious pilgrimages and heritage, and viewpoints to have wonderful sunrise and sunset views, and much more that make every second of the touring voyage a special and lifetime experience.

With the eight highest mountains and 10 UNESCO world heritage sites, every corner of the country is a place for photography in Nepal. Whether you are an enthusiast, beginner, or professional photographer, Nepal can be your next destination to travel for photography.

We at Robinson Holidays have designed a 7 to 12 days Photography Tour that includes a visit to Kathmandu & its cultural heritages, viewpoints of Nagarkot, Australian Base Camp & Sarangkot to catch the Himalayas and sunrises over them. The Nepal photography tour further goes to one of the natural UNESCO heritages, the Chitwan National Park, Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Pokhara, the city of Lakes, and the Historical town Gorkha. One will wonder at every nook and corner that includes the bustling streets of Kathmandu, varied landscapes, beautiful art, and architecture, which offer you an outstanding opportunity to capture them in your camera on this 9 to 12 Days Nepal Photography Tour.

Highlights of Nepal Photography Tour

  1. Capture the Festivals: Nepal is a country of festivals, and capturing the vibrant festivals in your photographs can make your tour unique. You can plan your tour around festivals such as Holi, Dashain, and Tihar, and photograph the colorful celebrations and traditions.
  2. Sunrise at Sarangkot: While Sarangkot is a popular viewpoint for sunrise and sunset, you can make your experience unique by capturing a time-lapse of the changing colors of the Himalayas during sunrise.
  3. Wildlife Photography: Chitwan National Park is home to diverse wildlife, including tigers, rhinos, elephants, and more. You can make your photography tour unique by capturing rare and beautiful wildlife sightings in your photographs.
  4. Homestay Experience: Instead of staying in hotels, you can opt for a homestay experience in traditional Nepali villages such as Bandipur and Gorkha. This will not only give you a unique perspective of Nepali culture and traditions but also provide you with some great photographic opportunities.
  5. Night Photography: Kathmandu’s bustling streets and temples are a different world at night. You can capture the beauty and chaos of the city at night in your photographs, making your Nepal Photography Tour unique.
  6. Trekking Photography: Nepal is also famous for its trekking routes, and you can make your photography tour unique by incorporating some trekking routes such as the Annapurna Base Camp trek or the Everest Base Camp trek. You can capture stunning landscapes, mountain ranges, and local communities on these treks.

By incorporating these unique points into your Nepal Photography Tour, you can make your experience more diverse and memorable, and capture some extraordinary photographs along the way.

Best time for Nepal Photography Tour

If you’re planning a Nepal Photography Tour, the best time to go would be during the dry seasons of autumn and spring, as these months offer the most ideal weather conditions for capturing stunning photographs. Autumn brings with it cool and clear weather, perfect for photographing the Himalayas and the changing autumnal colors of the trees.

Meanwhile, spring provides warm and pleasant weather, and the blooming of flowers and vegetation, creating a picturesque landscape for photographers. However, if you’re interested in capturing the vibrant celebrations of Nepal’s festivals, such as Holi and Dashain, then the monsoon season may be worth considering, despite the wet and humid weather.

All in all, a Nepal Photography Tour during the dry seasons can offer unique and diverse opportunities to capture the natural beauty and cultural richness of Nepal through your lens.

Things to know before Nepal Photography Tour

  1. Do Your Research: Research the locations you plan to visit and know their regulations and permit requirements.
  2. Check the Weather: Be prepared for unpredictable weather conditions, especially during the monsoon season.
  3. Respect the Culture: Always ask for permission before taking photos of individuals, and be mindful of cultural and religious sensitivities.
  4. Pack Light: Bring only necessary photography gear and consider lightweight options, such as a mirrorless camera or compact tripod.
  5. Stay Safe: Follow safety guidelines, especially in mountainous areas, and consider hiring a guide or joining a tour group.
  6. Bring Extra Batteries and Memory Cards: Avoid missing photographic opportunities by bringing extra batteries and memory cards.
Bart S
Bart S
Amazing tour in Kathmandu We had this amazing tour in Kathmandu, thanks to our very nice guide Kapil. He knows the city and the people very well. He knows very much about the history of the city, as well as the culture. Also our driver was very good. This was a wonderful experience, on our second day in Nepal!
Great tour through Kathmandu We had Kapil as our guide through Kathmandu for one day. He took us to four important places and could tell us a lot about them and about the history of Nepal. He was very kind and made sure the tour was pleasant for us. I would definitely recommend getting him as a guide through Kathmandu!
Anne A
Anne A
Really good! Visited a lot in Kathmandu with Kapil - it was a really nice experience! My friend and I would 100 procent recommend using these guys!
Sagar M
Sagar M
Amazing experience I visited qatar on 2022 worldcup. It was really very good experience and well organized trip with proper planning
Visit to Nepal
Visit to Nepal
Great trip and affordable ticket Great trips for abode students to visit cultural and recreation sites and affordable price for international tickets.
Subha T
Subha T
Trip to Pokhara I went to Pokhara with my family and the time was truly exhilarating. The views were amazing and the trip was really memorable.
Felix B
Felix B
Ein schöner Tag mit Guide Kapil: Charmant, intelligent und kenntnisreich Wir hatten das Glück, mit unserem Guide Kapil einen perfekten Tag zu verbringen. Er begleitete uns zu allen Sehenswürdigkeiten, die auf unserer Wunschliste standen und kannte die Stadt wie seine eigene Westentasche. Kapil beeindruckte uns mit seinem Charme und seiner Intelligenz und konnte uns ausgezeichnete und detaillierte Informationen zu jeder Sehenswürdigkeit geben. Es war faszinierend zu erfahren, dass er sein Wissen auch an Schüler weitergibt und dabei sogar ein Buch über Nepal schreibt. Während wir gemeinsam durch die Gassen schlenderten und plauderten, war Kapil immer angenehm distanziert und hielt sich zurück, wenn wir die Ruhe genießen wollten. Aber zur richtigen Zeit hob er die Distanz wieder auf und lieferte uns weitere Informationen. Dadurch hatten wir die perfekte Balance aus Information und Entspannung. Wir können Kapil als Guide nur wärmstens empfehlen!
Nicole P
Nicole P
Kathmandu City Tour Kapil was a lovely guide for our first day in Kathmandu. His passion for the history and stories of the region was infectious. We had a great time and appreciated his enthusiasm throughout the day! Added bonus - he is an excellent photographer 📸
Shannon Finnegan
Shannon Finnegan
Kathmandu sightseeing tour Kapil was an amazing tour guide! He took my friend and I on a personalized tour of Kathmandu and was super kind, knowledgeable and considerate! He chose great activities ans restaurants for us, and was also a great photographer! Thank you Kapil!!!
Prem Makker
Prem Makker
Beautiful Nepal Kapil who himself lead our group of 30 as guide. He is an amazing person humble knowledgable and always ready to help.


For photographers, a photography tour in Nepal can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture the stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and diverse population of this stunning nation. An overview of what a Nepal photography tour might include is as follows:

Photography of the landscape: The Himalayas, rolling hills, lush forests, and tranquil lakes are just a few of Nepal’s stunning landscapes. You might go on the tour to popular spots like Pokhara, Annapurna Base Camp, and Everest Base Camp, where you can take in stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and mountains.

Photography of Culture: There are many ethnic groups in Nepal, each with their own traditions and customs. You might go on the tour to traditional markets and villages, giving you a chance to take pictures of the locals and their way of life. You might also get the chance to attend colorful festivals like Holi, Dashain, and Tihar and take pictures of them.

Photographing wildlife: Numerous species of exotic birds, as well as tigers, rhinos, elephants, and other animals of the wild can be found in Nepal. You might go on the tour to national parks like Chitwan or Bardia, where you can take pictures of these majestic animals in their natural environment.

Astrophotography: Nepal is a great place for astrophotography due to its clear night sky and low light pollution. You might go on the tour to far-flung places where you can take stunning pictures of the Milky Way and stars.

In general, a Nepal photography tour can offer photographers a one-of-a-kind chance to document the splendor and variety of this Himalayan nation while also immersing themselves in its customs and culture.


Cost Includes

  • Private car, van, or bus for pick-up and drop-off at the airport, hotel, or both.
  • During the Photography Tour, you will eat as usual three times per day breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • All local licenses
  • Tour/trekking guide: An English-speaking, knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful tour guide. His well-paying salary, meals, housing insurance, and other things
  • arranging for an emergency helicopter service, which your travel insurance company will pay for.
  • Clinical supplies (emergency treatment unit will be accessible).
  • all taxes imposed by the government.
  • fee for services.

Cost Excludes

  • Meals and additional lodging in Kathmandu
  • The Rustic Area Charge:
  • Porters at an additional cost;
  • Special Table Menu/Bakery Cafe;
  • Larger pots of hot drinks;
  • Recharging of electronic devices;
  • Personal expenses of any kind;
  • Travel insurance and evacuation insurance;
  • Tips for Guide and Porter


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