Things to know before going Trekking

Things to know before going Trekking

Trekking is one of the best forms of physical exercise and the opportunity to explore the different culture, Landscape, natural beauty and many more. Similarly, all age group people can trek on the basis of the grading of the trekking route. Therefore, Nepal is the best destination for high yield trekking which includes all grading of trekking routes. Trekkers need to think the Things to know before Trekking. Thus, It makes their trekking more simple and effective.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Things to know before going Trekking are:

  • Don’t hike alone, take a partner with you.
  • Most know how to get to the destination, i.e. carry route map and the compass with you.
  • Always follow the weather forecasting before trekking.
  • Your safety is your own responsibility in a trail, so don’t take shortcut and only follow the trail.
  • Keep your health in condition before going for hike or trek.
  • Take hiking pole with you, as it prevents you from knee and back pain.
  • Invest on the good quality of bag pack that fits your body and your style.
  • Hiking/Trekking boot are compulsory for trekkers. One should wear them to prevent from blisters.
  • Sun glasses, sunscreen, bug spray and the first aid kits are always best to carry with you in trekking.
  • Stop for around 10 minutes after walking/hiking for a hour.
  • One shouldn’t hike on the empty stomach. Eat before and after the hike/trek.
  • Eat the snacks which have high carbohydrate and salt. Carbohydrate provides you the energy to walk and salt keeps electrolytes.
  • Always carry your garbage and trash with you. Don’t throw it in the trails.
  • Drink water before you are thirsty.
  • Plan to end your hike day before the sunset. But in the case of not ending the hike, you must carry the headlights and the torch with you.

Things that trekkers/hikers should carry with them:

Things to know before going Trekking

Basic Elements
  • Id Card either original or photocopy.
  • Back pack and the rain cover.
  • Sandals, Trekking Shoes(waterproof would be better)
  • LED torch/Head Lamp
  • Water bottle(1ltr)
  • Raincoat
Clothing and other elements
  • Thermal Wear- 2pairs
  • Down Jacket
  • Sun Cap, Scarf, Towel, Gloves, Woolen Cap
  • Carry plastic bag to carry wet clothes.
  • Dark UV sun glasses
  • Woolen Shocks, Full Sweaters
  • 2 Full t-shirts
Energy Boosting Food
  • Glucose, Chocolates, Biscuits and Energy bars
  • Dry fruits and nuts
Personal Kit
  • Toilet kits, toilet paper, Sanitizer, Tooth brush and tooth paste.
  • Lip Balm, Sunscreen, lotion
  • Basic first aid kits
  • Anti fungal cream

One should be aware about the Things to know before Trekking for making them effective.


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