Things to do in Pokhara

Things to do in Pokhara

Pokhara is the tourist hub. After the visit in Nepal, once they used to be there in Pokhara. As it is the gateway to Annapurna Region trek. Where Annapurna Region Trek is the most demanded trekking destination in Nepal. Not only that Pokhara is known as the city of lake.

Things to do in Pokhara

One can easily reach Pokhara through roadways and airways from Kathmandu. Normally it takes 6-8 hours to reach Pokhara by bus from Kathmandu and only 15 min fly by airplane. On the way to Pokhara trip, Bandipur is the major attraction. Bandipur is famous for its Newari Culture and situated on the hilltop. The unique settlement of Newar is really fascinating. Similarly one can enjoy water activities i.e. rafting in Trushuli River one the way.

Being tourist hub, Pokhara offer many attraction and activities to perform there.

The major activities that tourist can do in Pokhara are:

1. Sightseeing

Sightseeing over Pokhara is the major activities that tourist can do. There are many attraction to explore around Pokhara and have great memories there. The reknown places to visit around Pokhara are :

a. Phewa Lake

Things to do in Pokhara

The lake Phewa is the heart of Pokhara. This lake is the 2nd largest lake in Nepal. The stunning view of the reflected mountain peak of Machhapuchre(FishTail) makes this fewa lake more beautiful. The mountain peaks ranges of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri are also reflected on Crystal clear water of Phewa Lake.

Tourist used to take boat with them and enjoy their boating in Phewa Lake. The environment of lakeside  is amazing their. The lighting around lakeside takes you to the another world. You can feel relief after being there.

b. Begnas Lake

Another beautiful lake which is in Pokhara is Begnas Lake. And it is the 3rd largest lake after the Phewa Lake. It takes 40min drive from Pokhara main city to reach Begnas Lake. One can do boating, swimming and fishing over this lake.

The beauty of Begnas lake and the environment there offer the great pleasure to the tourists. Many luxurious hotel and restaurants are opened to serve the tourist there. After being in Pokhara, one shouldn’t miss the Begnas Lake.

c. Sarangkot

Sarangkot lie at an altitude of 1500 meters from the sea level. It is place where paragliding and zip lining starts from. Sarangkot is the famous place for the remarkable sunrise and sunset views. Hiking to the Sarangkot from Pokhara is an amazing experiences to the hikers.

Similarly, The landscape view of Pokhara Valley from Sarangkot is mesmerizing. Soaring Himalayas ranges are seen from the Sarangkot Hilltop.

d. International Mountain Museum

The museum where it records about the past and present development related to mountaineering and mountains around the world. Museum contains three exhibition hall i.e. Hall of Great Himalayas, Hall of Fame and Hall of World Mountains.

Similarly, The museum also exhibits about the culture and life style of mountain people, flora and fauna, famous peaks, description of famous mountaineers, show up the traditional culture and values. So, one should visit this museum after being there.

e. World Peace Pagoda

Things to do in Pokhara

World Peace Pagoda Stupa is the symbol of peace. Located at an altitude of 1100 meters from sea level, 360 degree view of Pokhara can be visible. Also, The hiking trail to reach World Peace Pagoda is amazing. One can hike to World Peace Pagoda through different trails. There are many alternative way to be in there.

This is the cultural sites that have many values and importance. One shouldn’t miss this place after being there.

f. Pumdikot

Pumdikot is the hill station of Pokhara Valley. And it is the newly opened destination and most demanded place to visit in a short period of time. Main attraction of Pumdikot is the statue of Lod Shiva and the view of Pokhara seen from there. One can both hike and travel by road to reach this destination.

It lie at an altitude of 1500 meters from the sea level from where mesmerizing view of mountains peaks and the valley are visible clearly.

g. Davis Fall

Davis Fall

Davis fall is a waterfall which is around 500 feet long and 100 feet below the ground level. The river flow from the Phewa Lake to devis fall and disappear from the tunnel. Davis fall is the stunning waterfall in the Pokhara.

It is the best destination near the Pokhara Airport and most visited destination. The name Davis Fall is named by the name David who have fallen in this waterfall.

h. Mahendra Gupha and Chamero(Bat) cave

Bat Cave is known as the Chamero Gufa in Pokhara. This cave is the limestone cave, covered by bat. It is the nearest cave near the Mahendra Cave. Bat Cave is the major attraction over here and the reknowned destination to visit once.

Similarly,Mahendra cave is the cave located near seti river. Inside cave, Lod Shiva statue can be visible. The environment there is very fascinating with the full of greenery. Additionally, Due to the darkness inside the cave, artificial lights are fitted there.

i. Rupa Lake

Rupa Lake is the freshwater lake located in Pokhara.  It is the third largest lake of Pokhara among 7 lakes. It lies at the southeast part of Pokhara. We can found the number of floral and faunal species with variety of waterbirds.

This lake covers around 1.4 square km. Rupa lake can be the best destination who are nature seekers. And also the most demanding destination to visit in Pokhara.

j. Barahi Temple

Barahi temple is situated on the small island of Phewa Lake. It is the religious sites of Pokhara where you need to take boat to reach the destination from the lakeside. The lod Durga is worshiped there. This is the major attraction of Pokhara which is situated on the heart of the Lake Phewa.

On the absence of the boat, one cannot reach to the Temple. Also, It is compulsory to take boat there.

k. Bindabasini Temple

Bindabasini Temple is the oldest temple of Pokhara. Goddesses Kali is worshiped in this temple. It is said that Bindabasini is the replacement of eighth child of Devaki and Basudev. Therefore, The temple was established on 1842BS i.e. on 1785AD.

The Temple in the Bindabasini Temple premises are:

Hanuman Mandir

Saraswati Mandir

Shiva Mandir

Vishnu Mandir

Ganesh Mandir

2. Hiking


Hiking is the another activities can tourist can perform in Pokhara. There are many standard hiking trails for walking and enjoying the nature. The top most destination for hiking around Pokhara are:

a. Sarangkot

b. Australian Camp

c. World Peace Pagoda

d. Pumdikot

e. Dhampus

f. Begnaskot

The mentioned destination are the most famous and demanded place where the hiking route are well established. When you hike more and more, the beauty of Pokhara increases. So, hiking around Pokhara is been demanded by the huge number of tourists.

3. Paragliding

When we talk about Pokhara then we should not miss the major attraction i.e Paragliding. One can paraglide in Pokhara from the hilltop of Pokhara that is Sarangkot. This is the life time opportunities for every visitors to do paragliding.

Paraglider can experience the unique adventure activities in Pokhara. They can view the mesmerizing view of Pokhara city from the sky. With the little amount of money they can enoy this activities. Everyone from any age group can enjoy this activity, there is no any restriction on the ages.

4. Boating

City of Lakes, Pokhara

As there are 7 lakes inside the Pokhara City. So the tourist can enjoy the boating in all the lakes. Boating is another major attraction of tourist in city of lakes. Similarly, Boating over the freshwater where there is the reflection of majestic mountains, greenery environment and the fresh nature.

Pokhara being the city of lakes have the great potential of boating. And boating is being the major attraction here now. Therefore, Begnas lake and Rupa lake are the best lakes for boating due to the crystal clear water and also due to the environment.

5. Rafting

White Water Rafting on Seti River is another major attraction over Pokhara. One of the Nepal’s famous adventurous activities is Rafting due to the huge number of fast flowing river in Nepal. Among them Seti River also offer the best rafting facilities.

Within the NRS 4000 one can enjoy rafting and enjoy the water activities. Rafter goes on with the flow of water and explore the river activity.

6. Sky Diving

One of the extremely adventerous activities in city of lakes Pokhara is Sky Diving. The cost per jump is $1100, which is very reasonable price. It includes the free fall of around 40 seconds on air. Also the professional cameraman will capture your entire jump.

Tourist can explore the majestic mountains view and the Pokhara City through the sky diving. The life time experiences can be captured by this jump and can feel the long free fall experiences. So, it have become the one and only operating Sky diving here in Nepal. The demand is also being increasing rapidly.

7. Bungee

Adventure Package Tour

The newly opened 2 Bungee Jump center in Pokhara are the major adventurous activities. The free fall of the 2-3 second bungee is the best activities to minimize the risk of the person.  There is the provision of bungee the all age categories.

Thus, One can experience the 70 meters long bungee in city of lakes. Both tower bungee and the bridge bungee is available there. The price of Bungee starts from NRS 4000.

8. Ultra Light Flight

Ultra Light Flight is an unique way to explore the entire majestic mountains ranges seen from Pokhara. And also can see the arial view of city of lakes. Similarly, it can be experiences by the time i.e in minutes. The cost starts from 6500 Nepali rupees.

One can feel and experience like a bird also can explore the clouds and city in this ultra light flight. Additionally, This is the best form of exploring the city.

9. Zip Flying

After the 30 min drive from the lakeside, one will reach to the Zip flying starting point. This is the unique adventure activity and go down along with the rope from hill to the bottom of the hill.

Tourist used to enjoy and experience the activity. Similarly, around 5600 is charged for this zip flying activity in Pokhara. And it is also the major activity in Pokhara to get experience once.

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