Shivapuri Dhaap 

Shivapuri Dhaap

Long hiking or risky driving, the same goal of all is a huge pond on the sky-watching hill. On Saturday, along with the line, a team gathered in Jorpati with the goal of a visit to the giant lake in Shivapuri. We were curious about visiting and observing the man-made beautiful lake at the height of Kathmandu.

Our journey was soaking up, there. Everyone was ignorant of the thread. Advised, let’s get to the beautiful, let’s get information from the Nepali army and the Shivapuri – Nagarjun National Park check post, and let’s go. ’ From Jropati to Sundarial. The park cut a ticket of 100 per person. The young man of the Nepal Army checked and allowed him to move forward.

According to the information party placed at the checkpoint, the beautiful – Chisapani distance is 26 km. The distance to the thread was not mentioned in the information party. Our journey went from the beautiful, even with the shuttle, even the unmanaged risky way. After moving about two kilometers, two ways to Chisapani were found. Let’s ask a local, which way is it right? He suggested, ‘ If you go to the left, it would be double longer if it was to go from the right to Chisapani. ’

Moreover on Shivapuri Dhaap

We were all ignorant of the way to both routes. The short-lived greed chose the rise of the yacht. The area is a municipality in the municipality of Gokarneswar in Kathmandu. After rising about 2 kilometers, the settlement was over. Along with the sloping road over. It was enough to drive two-wheeled vehicles. Constantly rising and somewhere. The number of young people walking around the road was enough. But, the pressure of the vehicle was low.

Even if the stone is printed, the risk of driving is suitable for pedestrians. That’s why it’s going to be half lower than the lower root. It is not appropriate to go on the route vehicle if those who are not used to driving on the raw and risky path. We also concluded that they would be appropriate when they went to Chisapani’s Gantabya in a long run.

At 12 o’clock, we started traveling from Jorpati, we reached the paddy at about 2 and a half o’clock. The journey, which began with the beautiful, is not another way to get out of any route, and the trip from the beautiful reaches the chisapi directly through the thread. There is no confusion in the journey because even pedestrians are not bending and there are other routes.

The huge lake that has accumulated water on Mount Kathmandu has also been given the noun of ‘mini Favatal. The high dam is tied up to 24 meters. Rainwater is collected in the rice.

The lake tied to the paddy has the capacity to collect water up to 850,000 cubic meters annually. This dam is tied to the Bagmati Reform Project.

The water deposited in the rice reaches the garden via the Bagmati River. This water is made in winter with the aim of flowing into the Bagmati River.

In conclusion

Thus, the thread made is now becoming an attractive destination among internal tourists. When we reached the thread, hundreds of young people were found busy taking pictures and wandering around. It is planned to leave Bagmaty, targeting the big festival in the winter.

Similarly, It is not a store that can be found to buy water on the way during the trip because it falls within the parking area. That is why food and water should be carried as they go to the thread. Garbage is prohibited from falling, burning, and even drinking inside the park.

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