Pro Poor Tourism in Nepal

Pro Poor Tourism In Nepal

Pro-Poor Tourism means tourism that generates net benefits for the Poor people directly or indirectly. This is a form of alternative/sustainable tourism. Pro-Poor Tourism in Nepal is a need as Nepal is a developing country as well as a country the great potential for tourism. As many tourists used to visit here in Nepal but only some people benefited.

We used to talk about mass tourism where the tourist expenses a lot of money. As a result, poor people are not benefited directly or indirectly. Only the travel organization will take that profit.

The organization that is looking after the Poor are:

  1. NGOs
  2. Private Sectors
  3. The tourist
  4. All levels of Government
  5. Aid Agencies
  6. International Organization

Pro Poor Tourism In Nepal

Besides having the different organizations working on Pro-Poor Tourism, they are not doing well. Aid is not everything for them, if they are able to teach them skills that help them to generate money then that would be best. For the development of sustainable development Tourism pro-poor tourism should be promoted. They should get the advantages of tourism in their life to survive.

The travel organization also can do the best contribution. They can design special packages for the tourist that can help and uplift the living standard of the local communities with good benefits. The use of local products should be increased and give the best experiences for the visitors.

“Experience Nepal and support the people of Nepal”, can be the slogan for the tourist. The increase in local involvement in this tourism sector could increase local earnings. Also if they can serve the local product then the leakage will be minimized. The training, knowledge, expertise, and basic infrastructure help the people to have a good amount of profit. And preserving and promoting local nature and culture makes the destination most attractive to visitors.

Pro-Poor tourism in Nepal helps to uplift the standard of living of the local communities. So we should focus on training and vocational education to make it better.

In Conclusion, our organization’s Robinson Crusoe Holidays have various packages that help to promote local living and the standard of life. Promoting their culture, providing them with training, education, and many more.  So one can contact us if you believe in sustainable tourism.

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Kapil Banjara

Kapil is been working for 7 years in the tourism industry as a professional tour guide. He is a resource person of Nepalese society and politics with culture and tourism under Tribhuvan University for 8 years.
Kapil has also published a tourism-related book titled “Nepalese society and politics with culture and tourism” from Buddha Publication. He has been completed his master’s degree in different social subjects such as Population Studies, Political Science, Educational Planning and Management, and sociology.

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