Nepalese art exhibition in Cairo

Cultural Activities in Nepal

Cairo, February, The Il Sava Culture Wilma in Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt’s capital, has hosted a number of Nepali original arts and cultural programs as well as tourism promotion events.
The Nepali Embassy in Cairo put on a program last Wednesday and Thursday that featured songs and music that reflected the original art culture as well as informational audiovisuals about Nepal. The embassy reports that the exhibition hall there was used to promote Nepal’s tourism to about 375 foreign nationals.
The Nepali flag, Buddha and Pashupatinath statues, rhinoceros, elephants, karua, much undo, khukuri, and other Buddhist identity-related items were kept in the exhibition room. Nepali students studying there and members of the Nepali community contributed to the distribution of brochures and posters promoting Nepal’s tourism industry. The Embassy says that there are about 300 Nepali students studying medicine in Egypt.

Italy, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Portugal, Russia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Ghana, and other nations’ tourism promotion rooms were displayed in the exhibit.
The room and cultural program were attended by the diplomatic and local staff, as well as Nepali Ambassador Sushil Kumar Lamsal, according to the embassy.

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Kapil Banjara

Kapil is been working for 7 years in the tourism industry as a professional tour guide. He is a resource person of Nepalese society and politics with culture and tourism under Tribhuvan University for 8 years.
Kapil has also published a tourism-related book titled “Nepalese society and politics with culture and tourism” from Buddha Publication. He has been completed his master’s degree in different social subjects such as Population Studies, Political Science, Educational Planning and Management, and sociology.

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