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Why to travel Nepal?

Manaslu Trek Intro

Manaslu Trek is one of the finest and challenging trekking trails in Nepal. Mount Manaslu is the eighth highest peak of the world.  Trekking towards the Manaslu region is the challenging to the trekkers. 

Nepal have different destination for adventure trekking where Manaslu is one of them. The trekking trails follows the ancient salt trading route along with the Budi Gandaki River. Trekking in Manaslu will involve crossing several high Himalayan passes including Larkya La pass (5213m).

Annapurna Trek Intro

 Annapurna Trek is the most popular trekking destination which the huge potential. Being the easy trekking route and best panoramic view of massif Annapurna can be seen in this trek. One can see mountains on the 4 different direction. And also they are supposed to stay at the center of the mountains. 

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a simple and attention-grabbing trek close to the wonderful lake city Pokhara. It’s located in north-central Nepal which has 8,091 m Annapurna I. This also includes 13 further peaks over 7,000 m, and sixteen furthermore 6,000 m.  Situated at an elevation of 4130 meters, the Annapurna trek offers the fascinating Annapurna Massif.

Annapurna Trek vs Manaslu Trek

Why Annapurna Base Camp Trek?

  1. Which trek is harder, Annapurna Trek or Manaslu Trek?  

In comparison, Manaslu Trek is harder than Annapurna Base Camp besides having a brief time route. The factor of the Manaslu trek being harder is only due to altitude. As in the Manaslu trek, there are more difficulties in elevation than in the Annapurna trek. 

2. How long does it take to trek Annapurna Base Camp?  

Annapurna Base Camp (4130meters) trek can be completed within 8 to 14 days, depending upon the route that the trekkers prefer. We can customize our packages at the time that trekkers have. If the trekkers have enough time and don’t want to complete their trek in rush then they can plan for the 14 days trek.   

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara (830 meters).  

2: Drive from Pokhara (830 m.) to Nayapul (1050m.) then trek to Tikhedhunga.  

3: Trek to Ghorepani (2675 m) from Tirkhedhunga.  

4: Early morning hike up to Poon Hill (3232 m.) and trek to Tadapani.  

5: Trek from Tadapani to Ghandruk (2950m).  

6: Trek from Ghandruk to Chhomrong (2,140m).  

7: Trek from Chhomrong to Dovan (2600m).  

8: Trek  to Machhapuchre Base Camp (3700m) from Dovan.  

9: Trek from Machhapuchre Base Camp (3720m) to Annapurna Base Camp (4170m).  

10: Trek from Annapurna Base Camp to Bamboo (2,300m).  

11: Trek to Jhinu Danda (1780m) from Bamboo.  

12: Trek to Pothana (1890m). from Jhinudanda (1750m)   

13: Trek to Phedi (1130 m) from Pothana and then drive to Pokhara.  

14: Seven hours Drive to Kathmandu from Pokhara.  

3. How long does it take to trek Manaslu Circuit? 

 Within 13 to 17 days Manaslu Circuit (5380 meters) Trek can be completed, depending upon the trekkers’ strange and ability. Trekking can be customized on the trekker’s length of stay and on their demand. In addition, the most effective package for Manaslu Circuit Trek is of 15 days.  

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola (730 m) via Arughat (570 m)

2. Trek from Soti Khola to Machhi Khola (890m)

3. Trek from Machha Khola to Jagat (1350m.).

4. Trek from Jagat to Deng (2095m).

5. Trek from Deng to Namrung (2630m).

6. Trek from Namrung to Shyala (3500m) via Lho Gaon (3200m).

7. Trek from Shyala to Samagaun (3390m) via Pung-gyen Gumpa (4800m)

8. Acclimatization day in Samagaun (3390m).

9. Trek from Samagaun to Samdo (3690m.)

10. Trek from Samdo to Dharmashala (4460m) via Larkey bazaar.

11. Trek from Dharmashal to Bimthang (3590m) via Larkya La Pass (5106m)

12. Trek from Bimthang to Dharapani (1860m.)

13. Trek from Dharapani to Jagat (1800m).

14. Trek from Jagat to Beshisahar (760m).

15. Drive from Beshisahar to Kathmandu (7/8 hours.)

 4. Why do people love to trek Annapurna more than Manaslu?  

Annapurna Trek is a moderate trekking trail where obstacle levels are found to be lower than the Everest trek. Annapurna trekking trails are more professionally managed which makes trekkers trekking easy.  

Thus, More diverse landforms can be explored in Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Both Manaslu Circuit Trek and Annapurna Base camp trek also offer beautiful landscapes, soaring Himalayas, a distinct lifestyle of the local people, and many more. But the uniqueness of Annapurna Base Camp Trek attracts more. 

5. Which trek is safe Annapurna Base Camp or Manaslu Circuit Trek?  

Trekking is safe in both Annapurna and Manaslu Circuit Trek. Both Annapurna Base Camp trek and Manaslu Circuit Trek lie on the moderate Trekking route. But tManaslu might be a challenging task for beginner trekkers. Thus, One must walk through the Rocky downhill and uphill. The local people are very cooperative with the tourists, and support them in need.  

6. Can one see Mt Manaslu from Annapurna Area?  

It is possible to see Mt Manaslu from Annapurna Region. Because Annapurna Region lies in the western part, and also Mt. Manaslu lies in the Western Part of Nepal. The mountain peaks like Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, Tilicho Peak, Massive Annapurna Range(I-IV), and many more are also seen.  

7. Which trek is perfect for solo Travelers?  

Annapurna Trek is best for solo it is because one cannot trek solo in Manaslu Region. It is because Manaslu Region lies under the Restricted Area where solo trekking is prohibited here. One should carry the assistance with them for trekking in this region. 

In the case of Annapurna, In some places, there may occur a language barrier among the local people, as some don’t understand the English language. Thus, We suggest Traveler take the guide with them to help on your trip because the problem doesn’t arrive by saying. Not only that, in some cases travelers don’t get the room for a night’s stay.  

If the trekkers want to go solo then they can go with the help of a Travel Agency. They will guide you by phone and help to book the hotels, lodges, or tea house rooms. This makes your trip perfect and your solo travel will be successful.  

8. Which trek is better, Annapurna or Manaslu?  

Different factors are there to make someone or something better. For budget travelers, Annapurna Base Camp Trek can be the best choice. It is because the rate of tax is slightly less on this trek and trekkers are not needed to take flight. Also, the accommodation and cost of food are found cheaper in Annapurna Trek. And one can enjoy the best trekking trails in Nepal.  

 As Annapurna Base Camp is at an elevation of 4130 meters. And these trails are well developed so no acclimatization days are needed in this trek. Whereas, Everest Base Camp is at an elevation of 5380 meters. Due to rough trekking trails, acclimatization days are needed for this trek.  

Similarly, Manaslu Trekkers can enjoy a close-up view of Mt. Manaslu (the eighth highest peak in the world). Which would be a lifetime experience.

9. Which trek is cheaper, Annapurna base camp or Manaslu Circuit Trek 

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is cheaper than Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trekker has to take a special Permit to enter Manaslu Region and the entrance fee is a bit more.. Similarly, the cost of food and accommodation is also found to be expensive in Manaslu Circuit Trek

In conclusion, of Annapurna Base Camp Vs Everest Base Camp. The Annapurna Base Camp trek is an easier, cheaper, and more admiring trek than Everest Base Camp Trek.

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