Increase in Bangladesh Tourist

Tour Operator Company in Nepal

In the wake of the covid 19 epidemic, the Nepal Tourism Board has completed the Tourism Sales Mission Program on November 2 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With the aim of promoting international tourism in nearby neighboring countries.

Nepal’s 14 tour operators inform more than 60 tourism professionals and communications workers from Bangladesh about the attractive package related to tourism. As well as the Nepal Tourism Board’s information and

framework on the tourist facilities available in Nepal. The Nepali embassy was informed about the easy entry available for Bangladeshi tourist.

Bangladesh, with the highest economic growth rate in South Asia, has seen the growing demand for international tourism among Bangladesh. As it is also efficiently managing the Covid 19 epidemic. Being a destination near Nepal, the image of Nepal and Nepalis is found to be very good in Bangladesh. As there is a deep interest and curiosity for Bangladesh to visit Nepal.

Increse in Bangladesh tourist

According to World Bank, Bangladesh’s total customer production is estimated to increase by 6.4 percent in 2021 – 2022. Which is considered the highest economic growth rate among South Asian countries. As the power of citizens can spend with economic growth, the demand for international visits from Bangladesh has become high.

According to Nepal’s tourism arrival data, more than 26,000 tourists from Bangladesh visited Nepal in 2018. Thus, The immediate world epidemic has led to a sharp decline in tourism arrivals. But currently both Nepal and Bangladesh have opened borders for international tourists. In this regard, tour operators from both countries are very optimistic that the arrival of tourism will be a high increase in the coming year.

Conclusion on Increase in Bangladesh Tourist

After the Covid 19 the arrival of tourists from neighboring countries of Bangladesh will be in a program that can lead to great relief. As the launch of direct rail services from Dhaka to the Indian Jalapiu gudi Railway Station in the near future. The number of Bangladeshi tourists coming to Nepal by the ground floor seems to be a significant increase.

Similarly, Kumar Rai, deputy head of the embassy in Bangladesh, Nepal, is assured that there is no shortage of assistance from the embassy, with the extremely smooth sub-fuel of Nepal and Bangladesh. And can only reach Kathmandu in just one hour from Dhaka and from the groundway. As it could be easily reached, the number of Bangladeshi tourists will be likely to increase in the coming days.

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Kapil has also published a tourism-related book titled “Nepalese society and politics with culture and tourism” from Buddha Publication. He has been completed his master’s degree in different social subjects such as Population Studies, Political Science, Educational Planning and Management, and sociology.

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