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The procession of Chokkathunarayan will be performed in the Handigaon area of ​​Kathmandu Metropolitan City-5. Former ward president Ramesh Dangol informed that this pilgrimage, which is held every year after the Kojagrat Purnima, is considered as the ancient original culture of this region.

He said that this pilgrimage, which is also known as Tinnarayan. And ‘now their pilgrimage in Hadigaon’, will destroy the culture that has existed in this area since ancient times. Since the corona epidemic is less than last year, the pilgrimage is going to be done easily.

The Jatra held in other parts of the country is called Khatko Gajur, and the Narayan Jatra here is done upside down. In the name of Chokkathunarayan, also known as Choketnarayan, arrangements were made to hold the Jatra. Guthi land has been kept in the name of Chokkathunarayan and Tinnarayan under Guthi Sansthan.

According to the inscription in the Newari language on the temple door, this pilgrimage started at the time of King Narendra Malla. The temple of Chokkathunarayan was brought from Budhanilkanth and established here as ‘Handigaon’: Yajnath Acharya, author of the book ‘Ek Parikrama’ and studying the cultural traditions of this region, said.

There is a legend about the beginning of the Jatra. According to folklore, there were two sisters in Hadigaon in medieval times. Didi had complete faith in God. Along with her sister being arrogant, she also had no faith in God. Both sisters got pregnant after marriage. Didi gave birth on time. A child was not born even after twelve years of her sister’s pregnancy. The sister worshiped Narayan with her husband.

In a dream, it was commanded that you will be saved if you bring the statue of Narayan to the hill near Budhanilkanth. And perform a Jatra of three upside-down umbrellas. The couple, who did not have a child for twelve years of pregnancy, appealed to the then king Narendra Malla.

According to the king’s order, the tantrikas went to the hill near Budhanilkanth, playing slow instruments and wearing colorful clothes. Worshiped Narayan by offering wax flowers. He promised to continue the tradition of Chokkathunarayan (Tinnarayan) Jatra. Chokkathunarayan (Tinnarayan) temple was established by bringing Narayan to Hadigaon to end the suffering and suffering of the people here. From this time the Jatra also started.

After the establishment of the temple, it is the experience of the local people that during labor pains, oil is applied to Narayan’s statue, or wax flowers used during Jatra are placed on the pillow to reduce the pain. Acharya, a cultural researcher, said that there is still a belief that when oil is poured on Narayan’s head, a son will be born if the oil falls from the right side and a daughter will be born if the oil falls from the left side.

Narayan’s Jatra Kamalasan is worshiped by making three khats (father, mother, son) of khat, turning the khat upside down. And turning it three tolls at the place where the gazur is inserted. Similarly, In this Jatra, five people have to play Dhimebaza and 30 people have to carry khat. There is a rule that all Guthiyars of the Hadigaon area must gather to watch the Jatra.

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