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    Book Your Trip In Nepal

    Nepal is an adventure that never fails to highlight the world’s natural and cultural splendor. The country’s vast Himalayan peaks, wildlife-filled jungles, golden temples, charming hill villages, ancient cities, and welcoming people draw tourists. 

    Trekking, mountaineering, mountain appreciation/photography, and visiting temples are the most popular activities in Nepal. The plethora of temples and the daily life of the locals are evidence of Nepal’s vibrant culture, which is a blend of Hindu and Buddhist ideals. 

    Nepal Travel Restrictions and Visas 

    Visa guidelines: To enter Nepal, most foreigners require a tourist visa. However, Nepal makes it easy to obtain a tourist visa by providing a visa-on-arrival option for all land crossings and the Kathmandu airport. The visa on arrival procedure is simple and quick. To expedite the process even further, travelers are required to complete a brief form that can also be completed online 15 days prior to their arrival. 

    When to Go to Nepal ? 

    The “autumn” post-monsoon months (September to November) are the best time to visit Nepal because the skies are generally clear, the views are spectacular, the visibility in the mountains is at its best, and the trekking conditions around Everest and Annapurna are excellent. During this time, travel costs and hotel prices are higher than usual, and tourist attractions are slightly busier than usual. You can book with Asia Highlights without risk and get a full refund! up to 14 days prior to departure) Nepal’s Best Places to Visit 

    Nepal is known as a paradise for trekkers, and while Mount Everest and Kathmandu are the two most popular places to visit, there is much more of this beautiful country that can be explored on foot outside of these two places. 

    Cost of traveling to Nepal 

    Nepal is the cheapest South Asian destination for European and American tourists. In general, it will cost between 10,000 and 12,500 Nepal rupees (US$80–100) per day per person for a comfortable trip in mid-range hotels in Nepal’s top destinations. 

    The following is a list of estimates for various travel methods. 

    Hostels, street food, and rickshaws require a daily budget of between $30 and $50 for backpackers. 

    Nepal costs between 80 and 100 USD per day for a person traveling on a medium budget (3/4-star hotels, sit-down restaurants, taxis). 

    US$100–200 per day per person is required for a higher standard and a more refined experience (4/5-star hotels, nice meals, private guides, and transfers). 


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